The V-Bahn Project

plans the construction of a cable car, called ‘Eiger Express’, from Rothenegg just below Grindelwald all the way up to the Eigergletscher station of the Jungfrau Railway. In order to get this controversial project accepted by the public, the initiators came up with a clever list of reasons why this project would be a good investment for the future. The merger of the Eiger Express with a new cable car up the Männlichen (replacement for the existing cable car) inside the valley-station terminal gives the V-Line Project its name.

The Jungfraubahn Holding

   wants to get more people in less time and at a lower cost up the Jungfraujoch.

The strategy

   The obvious motto of this project “mass not class’ is reflected in the radical line this cable car is supposed to follow. It is no longer appropriate and certainly not in line with a sensible tourism strategy. For this reason, we have to prevent the Eiger Express!

Fact sheet Prevent the Eiger Express PDF Download